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My mission is to equip aspiring business owners with the essential tools and support to launch their ventures with confidence and clarity. As a dedicated business coach and mentor, I am committed to instilling a strong foundation that rests on a clear strategy, guiding clients to recognise their true purpose, direction, and passion. Through our expert guidance, we empower entrepreneurs to define what they want to achieve, envision where they want to be, and embrace a profound understanding of how they can best serve their target audience. Our ultimate goal is to nurture a generation of successful entrepreneurs who are well-prepared to seize opportunities, overcome challenges, and make a lasting impact in the business world.

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Our Products

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Your Guide To Successfully Setting Goals

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How To Reduce The Stress In Your Life!

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Mindset Transformation

IS FEar Preventing You from

Starting your business?


Does This Sound Like You?

You experience internal conflict on a regular basis? You know that you're capable of a lot more… But every time you start to move forward with your business dreams and plans you freeze, fear and doubt take over and nothing happens? 

  • Do you feel like... you don't have the skills and knowledge?
  • Does it seem... you lack the financial resources, so you can't leave the job you hate?
  • Are you frustrated that... there is never a good time to get started?
  • And when it comes down to it, do you...  you just don't know where to begin


Our Product

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Business Success Programme for New Entrepreneurs

Discover How To Launch a New Business With Confidence

Avoid the common mistakes of new entrepreneurs and build your business on solid foundations.

Inside this training, you will discover:

  • ​Tried and tested 8-step formula, diving into core principles and strategies to set your business up for success.
  • Tackle fear head-on, so you can finally embark on your entrepreneurial journey
  • Explore the fundamentals of entrepreneurship, and develop a solid foundation for a confident business launch.
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Sandra Hinshelwood

Sandra is a multi-award winning business coach who works with new entrepreneurs to get their businesses started with confidence.

She has spent many years focused on understanding the difficulties facing SMEs and exploring ways of how to grow and develop these essential organisations so that they can thrive in a rapidly changing marketplace. Through her multi award-winning blog and courses she teaches her audience to get their business started on a solid foundation. So many businesses fall at the first hurdle, but thanks to Sandra’s coaching support, many others have been able to flourish over the years.

Sandra has proven that is doesn’t matter what your business idea is. With a proper understanding of business fundamentals, your chances of success are significantly increased.

Get To Know Sandra Better

Award Winning Business Coach and Mentor



Hear from our happy customers


"The programme is well-structured and designed to encourage and empower small business owners to thrive and to love what they do. Sandra's passion to share her knowledge and expertise is evident from the presentation, material and resources provided in each module"

HM, Bedfordshire


" It is an excellent programme for one at the starting line, it gave me an insight into concrete areas for development for me which would help as I get round to planning my learning and developing the business side of things.."

RE, London


"I loved the exercises. They are so powerful. It drew things out of me that I didn’t even know were there but made sense! Sandra is passionate about what she does and really cares about you getting your business out there in a powerful way."

TV, Hampshire

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